Our work

We work with impact-driven start-ups and innovative organisations who want their products and services to be accessible to all. Here are some highlights from our recent work.

A dark skinned wheelchair user with long hair and a beanie sits at a small table, using their laptop to participate in a video meeting. The laptop screen is shown to their right, with the call being live captioned. The main speaker is a dark skinned person wearing a hijab and glasses, and 3 other participants are at the bottom of the screen, in smaller windows. In the bottom right corner, a yellow service dog bounds towards the wheelchair user.

Inclusion and accessibility in digital tech start-ups

For Remarkable, an accelerator for disability tech start-ups, we developed a learning programme on inclusive and accessible design. We are working with Remarkable to iterate this programme yearly. Through a process of user testing and iteration with disabled people, we developed digital learning materials to guide entrepreneurs, designers and innovators to design more relevant and accessible tech solutions for disabled people. Client: Remarkable

Remarkable Accelerating Disability Tech remarkable.org.au. White letter text on a purple background.

Improving the accessibility of sports, fitness and physical activity

We are working with the Disability Policy Centre as partners on ‘The Power of Sport: A Lifetime of Opportunity’. Exploring sport and fitness tech, physical participation, spectatorship and more, we are identifying barriers and solutions to improve participation, inclusion and accessibility with Soda's disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent community. Partners: Disability Policy Centre, UnLtd

The Power of Sport: A lifetime of opportunity. White capital letter text on a background image which features a person swimming in a lake wearing a swim cap.

Co-designed community health funds

For North East London Health and Care partnership we are working with seven Local Authorities, the NHS and VCSE groups to co-produce and deliver a series of community health funds known as Community Chests. The grant funds are aimed at supporting local social prescribing activity for underserved population groups. We are doing this across 7 boroughs in London, with a roll out to other regions of London planned for 2023/24. Clients: NHS North East London, Transformation Partners in Health and Care

Five animated people are outside in a park setting with a city backdrop. Two women are talking to one another on a bench. A person using a wheelchair is waving at the viewer next to a woman holding a clipboard. A man is stood in the background also waving.

Transforming NHS digital and in-person Long Term Condition Services

We worked with Bromley by Bow Health Centre Primary Care Network to co-design innovations to their service for patients living with Long Term Conditions. We gathered insight and worked with patients, GPs, and surgery staff to undertake a review and transformation process of the PCN’s Long Term Condition Service digital and in-person provisions. Clients: Bromley By Bow Health Centre, Year Here

A postcard with the words Bromley by Bow Health on it is placed on a table. Next to it are two other pictures, one featuring a woman smiling, another featuring a baby being held by a girl.

A construction sector marketing campaign for young people

For Newham Council we worked with local 16 - 25 year olds to co-produce a prototype marketing campaign designed to inform and excite more young people in Newham about local construction sector employment and training opportunities. The results of this work informed how Newham Council’s employment agency communicated opportunities to young people locally. Client: Newham Council

'Started in construction 5 years ago, already earning £45K a year. To register for a palce on our next construction careers information event click the link. White capital text on a red background next to an image of a black man smiling at the camera.
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