What we do

Soda offers three programmes to support you on your accessibility and inclusion journey:


You have built a digital product or process, but haven't been able to spend time considering accessibility and inclusion. Through automated tools, live testing, and user feedback we identify and address accessibility issues and create a roadmap to resolve them.


You want to develop new or existing features that consider the wide range of human needs at the outset. We will run an "inclusive design sprint" to integrate the fresh perspectives of disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent innovators in your design processes.


You want to learn how have conversations about accessibility and inclusion in your organisation. We create cutting-edge learning programmes, workshops and events delivered by disabled people to shift mindsets and transform how you work.

An illustration of a phone showing a man coming out of the centre of the screen and pressing some star like buttons on the screen. There is a verification tick to the left of the phone. To the right there is a magnifying glass. The phone itself is sitting on a wavy light yellow shape which is surrounded by little lines and dots.

We have worked with

Also - we are in the process of building the Soda CommunityšŸ„¤


Soda is building a community which empowers people who are chronically ill, disabled, and neurodivergent to tell their stories and design more inclusive products and services.

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